Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails- and we have a MIDDLE NAME!

So... We have decided on "Nate" for Sawyer's middle name.
We love the meaning of the name- which is "A Gift of God" or "God has Given- in Hebrew"
We aren't going with Nathan or Nathaniel...we just like plain and simple one syllable "Nate"
So... Sawyer Nate Johnson it will be...time to get my monogrammed stuff done! :)
As far as the nursery- met w/ my decorator last week- and I'm super excited!
The theme is polka dots and English dogs with sweaters...the fabric will be too cute...
Now, just need my seamstress to get it all made in less than 10 weeks!
We are doing the Walls in the prettiest color- Grey Wisp -it is more of a pale french blue
and the Fabric has all different colors of blues, greens, red and chocolate brown- can't wait to get something done so I can post pictures

2 of the 5 fabrics are at the top- we are mixing in stripes and solids and I just can't wait!
Thankfully- my mother in law is an artist and she is going to paint some of the dogs on the wall for me as well as his monogram - it will be fabulous and I will be exhausted and broke!
I will keep you all busy, not too much time to post blogs these days...thanks for reading! :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's a BOY!!!

We just went to the Doctor this morning....and found out we're having a little boy! Bryan and I are super excited as now we will have one of each! (Momma's done after this one!" )
Abigail took the news well...but out of no where decided she wanted it to be a girl...funny little 3 year olds...they just have no clue that we can't exactly pick the gender or trade it in...but she's excited and has been talking "big sister" talk for weeks now!
Right now, I'm 18 weeks and the baby is right on target at 9 oz. He's a squirmy little fellow...although I haven't been feeling much movement - apparently the location of my placenta is like a large pillow or buffer right maybe in weeks to come, I'll be feeling the topsy turvy moves going on inside. We haven't talked names yet...but will keep you posted. Now that we "know" that he's a boy...we can begin the planning and I'll be updating as we make decisions on all the details on my blog! March 31st seems like a long way off...but I know it will be here before I realize it!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

1 week and counting...

I haven't written on here in ages...I think I forgot I had even started this blog...not too much time on my hands these days...but I find out 1 week from today the gender of our baby which is due at the end of March! I'm super excited! Bryan and I haven't really talked about names - just b/c we want to wait to find out first whether we need to pick girl or boy names, I just don't want to waste energy on one or the other, call me lazy!

Anyway, I think I will start blogging more once we find out the gender- and I want to keep track of names, nursery decor and all the fun details that come with baby territory.

I'm still not ready to have to wake up early- Abbey sleeps past 8:00 - sometimes 9:00 every I have been lucky and spoiled...something tells me that I will be waking up before sunrise with this new baby...but I won't worry about that until the time comes.

I promise to keep this more updated for anyone that actually cares about reading it- and hopefully it will be more interesting than my last TV posts... until next week...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Don't Forget- Project Runway starts tonight- New Network!

Ba-bye Bravo...Hello Lifetime!

Project Runway starts tonight with a special All Stars Challenge, then the new season episode will follow....if you haven't watched this show- it's AWESOME! These people have a LOT of talent...and with it comes a LOT of DRAMA! You think BB is dramatic...these people on this show will give it a run for the $....

TIVO it and check it out! It's sure to be a great season! Looks like some great guest judges will be appearing as well...Auf Wiedersehen!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Long Time- No Post...

I have totally forgotten what a blog is? wait, what? I have one? Oh yeah...
Things have been crazy around here... this summer has been slamming at the office- when the economy goes south, enrollment goes through the roof...job securit-ay!

On top of all that- I am preggers and have not been feeling well- and I'm also addicted to way too much reality TV this I guess that answers why I have neglected my blog competely.

I am totally consumed by Big Brother right now! Things are getting very interesting in the houst- if you watched last night, you know Chima was evicted by the producers...or...maybe she asked to leave, either way- she sucks and who cares, she's gone! Drama over!

There are some new rumors flying about Jeff and Jordan having a secret alliance made late last night w/ Natalie-and also that if anyone wins POV and removes themselves...Russell may actually be the next target - so we will see...a lot will play out tomorrow night in the LIVE show...and I'm excited! These people are all crazy...I don't know where they find these people...but I'm rooting for Jeff and Jordan - time will tell what happens.

I will work harder to keep my blog updated and interesting and post more pictures...

We will not find out until Nov. if we're having a boy or girl...but once we do- the decorating will begin and name picking- which will be fun blog topics :)

Got to run...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Reality TV update

This will be quick...

DWTS- shocker that Steve O is gone, it was only a matter of time, I'm honestly getting bored with the show. BTW, Cheryl loves Gilles...too bad his wife is in the audience each week. And what in the WORLD was Chuck Wicks wearing? That shirt should be banned, it was worse than the gayest of gay ice skating outfits- it was men's lingerie, literally- I can't believe he wore it, he must LOVE Julianne!

AI- So...Scott is gone, finally! Tonight, I forsee Lil, Matt and Anoop in the bottom 3

I think Matt is gone! Danny is great as always- my top 3 picks have changed...they are now:

Danny, Allyson and Adam- but we'll see...

More to come tomorrow...

Thanks for reading

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Reality TV - recap

I've been terribly behind on blogging my shows- not that anyone has missed me- but Here are some quick random thoughts on AI, DWTS etc...

1) Holly Madison and that random other chubby guy were kicked off last week- not a shocker
Holly looked terribly uncomfortable on the dance floor- for someone with such a hot bod, she sure doesn't know how to work it- guess that's what happens when you shack up with an 84 year old for 5 years...and that other guy was just ridiculous- I don't even know his name...ummm Steve Wozniak- who is he again, how is he a start? How is Holly a star? Oh long as you can be "googled" you can be on the show! HA!

2) Last week- Megan Joy was eliminated off Idol, her number was up- it was just a matter of time, but dang, when is the blind kid going home, seriously- it pains me to watch him sing!

3) This week- DWTS was so boring, I ff on my TIVO to the end and b/c it was down to 2 people I could care less about- I didn't even watch the Dance Off- who cares right? I'm routing for Gilles, who BTW is so sexy and can really dance, go Cheryl! I'm routing for Melissa and I'm routing for Shaun- so anyone outside the top 3 (who I believe will be in the finale) can just go home, I'm bored already!

4) This week AI- guess we'll find out tonight who goes home- for the sake of entertainment, I hope the blind guy goes...whoopty doo that he got up from the piano, he cannot hold notes, I think he's only on the show for his disability and nothing against anyone who is visually impaired, but he can't sing and I wouldn't buy his record, I wouldn't even keep the radio on if his song came on...blah! (I'm just saying). My top 3 are now: Danny- my boy! (he'll probably win)...and then Adam (he's so entertaining) and then there's Allyson - that girl can sang! (not sing, but saaaang!) Lil needs to step it up a notch, not to be a "home town traitor" but she's too karaoke for me...and her style of music is not my style! But I'm still rooting for Danny! He seems like a genuinely nice guy, he's got a voice that is just so incredible and I look forward to watching his performances week after week- b/c I like him! I look forward to Adam's performances, just for shock factor to see "what is he going to do" this week.

Anyway- I have no idea who's going home tonight - time will tell...but those are my thoughts on these two shows! I am so excited LOST is on tonight! I would need a entirely separate blog just to talk about all that is going on with that show, but I'll save myself and everyone else the trouble and just read what's already "out there" on the web- I love Sawyer and Kate and they need to get back together...not a big Julie fan- but it's getting so good this season, finally - some answers!

Got to much to watch and now to "read" - hopefully I'll have some more "entertainment" for you soon :)
Thanks for reading!